Report on the 9th Circuit En Banc Hearing has a report from yesterday.  Looks like Jerry Brown really threw a wrench in the gun control works:

“Do you disagree with your own state attorney general?” he asked a lawyer representing the county.

“Yes. Yes I do,” replied Sayre Weaver of Richards, Watson & Gershon.

“I won’t tell him when I see him,” quipped Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, breaking up the courtroom. To which Weaver turned and gestured toward the galleries packed with spectators and press: “I have a feeling he’ll find out somehow.”

Looks like Kozinski was in good form too.  Let’s hope this goes our way.

One Response to “Report on the 9th Circuit En Banc Hearing”

  1. Pete says:

    Nordyke has been put on hold until the SCOTUS reviews NRA v Chicago and the nunchuku case.

    Kozinski issued an order about 30 minutes after the oral arguments to wait.

    My impression is that by punitng this case it all but assures that incorporation will come becore the supremes next year.