Criminal Trespass = Civil Disobedience?

The Philadelphia Daily News couldn’t be more thrilled:

The civil disobedience followed weeks of discussions with Colosimo’s in which activists urging the store to accept a voluntary 10-point code of conduct that was created by a national coalition of mayors, including Mayor Nutter. The code was aimed at preventing gun traffickers from hiding their identities by using intermediaries — the kind of purchases Colosimo now is charged with allowing. (Demonstrators were acquitted of misdemeanor charges in May.)

They are speaking of this civil disobedience. Congratulations, Heeding God’s Call, you convinced the feds to take him down. Easy target. He was an old man who doesn’t want to fight anymore. But you can bet they will try this with other Philadelphia gun shops, in an attempt to get them closed down too. Any gun shop near a major city that does any volume of business is going to end up selling some guns that are used in crimes. That’s a given. Any gun shop that does any volume of business is going to have some record keeping anomalies. They know this. They will try again.

3 thoughts on “Criminal Trespass = Civil Disobedience?”

  1. In her inqy column yesterday, Monica Yant Kinney spells out that The Shooter Shop in Kensington will be next.

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