Protesting Philly Gun Shop

Looks like Heeding God’s Call is now Neighborhood Partners to End Gun Violence. The MO of the group is the same, however: basically protest a gun shop to try to get them to sign some kind of code of conduct. Clearly they were emboldened when Colosimo’s gun shop folded. Every Philly gun shops is now, apparently, to blame for the violence in Philadelphia.

4 thoughts on “Protesting Philly Gun Shop”

  1. Who are these people that they can do this every week? Don’t they have jobs? Lives?

    They will never schedule them on weekends because we show up and win the day, so they do it knowing most of us law abiding folks are working.

  2. You know why they protest Gun Shops? Because they are owned by law abiding, peaceful citizens.
    You don’t see this group targeting high drug areas or corners where dope dealers do their deeds.
    They want to impress me, Go picket Ciudad Juarez and the Zetas down Mexico Way.

  3. You won’t see them protesting outside of six pack stores and beer distributors for “causing” all of those unnecessary alchohol-related traffic deaths. Why is that?

    This is motivated more by our petty culture wars than out of any genuine concern for human life. Look no further than my example above for absolute proof.

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