Budget Feud

The Republicans and Democrats in our state are currently engaged in an epic battle over the budget.   The Republicans want to cut spending to prevent tax increases.   The Democrats want to get Rendell’s tax and spend plan through.  Needless to say, the Democrats can kiss my ass.

Shutting down the casinos is one highly publicized result of the ongoing, increasingly hostile budget standoff between Democrat Rendell and Republican senators. If a budget deal can’t be reached by Sunday night, it also would cause the shutdown on Monday of state parks, including Presque Isle State Park, a popular Erie destination in Ms. Earll’s district, as well as all other state parks, forests, museums, historical sites and other facilities.

This is pure political crap.  Here’s one thing I’m wondering.  Is Ed Rendell considering PICS essential?  It better be.  Start making that a pawn in budget battles, it might be worth a constitutional challenge against the whole system.  I’m guessing PICS, which is operated by the Pennsylvania State Police, which are considered essential, will remain up, however.  Nonetheless, this is another reason Ed Rendell can go to hell.

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