7 thoughts on “Interesting New/Old Gun”

  1. Wow — that is going to sell.

    Sticking with the 7.92×33 chambering is an interesting choice, though. How available is that cartridge in surplus (or otherwise)?

    Hmm, on reflection, I bet their hands were tied. Aren’t the magazine specifications too short (front to back) to be adapted for the 7.62×39 cartridge?

  2. Ah, the ammo issues are addressed in the linked article. Turns out Prvi Partizan still makes 7.92×33 ball, and there are some other sources. Not cheap, between $10 and $13 / 20.

  3. The size of the magazine well, and the action length, will likely limit the design to real short OAL cartridges. The Germans naturally designed a Sturmgewehr to use 8mm bullets, which they had in abundance for the full-power 8mm Mauser round.
    Can those specs be correct – 10+ pounds for that rig?

  4. Yeah, I think the original was c. 10 lbs. as well. Comparable to other steel mid-20th c. military rifles. Think of the Thompson SMG. We forget how much aluminum there is in lighter rifles like the AR-15.

  5. I believe I saw the pricing on one of those a while bak. It was something on the order of $2500-3,000 I believe.

  6. At that price tag, and with the esoteric ammo situation they are just going to sell a relatively small number to collectors. In my opinion, a wiser course would be to make a more affordable, more practical rifle. One that cost, say $1,500, that was chambered in a common caliber. I think the volume of sales at that price would be worth it to them.

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