Let It Turn to Something Else

Don’t cry, but Patrick Swayze has died.  It’s a bit of a stereotype that every gun nut worships at the altar of Red Dawn, but it is one of those movies anyone who was a pre-teen in the mid-80s remembers, and probably memorized a few lines from.  Really, Dirty Dancing was probably a movie he should be best known for, and Dirty Dancing is more timeless than Red Dawn, which is dated if you watch it today.  That must be why Hollywood thinks it needs to be remade.  Either way, I will leave you this to remember:


9 thoughts on “Let It Turn to Something Else”

  1. I liked him. He made a number of good movies that I enjoyed. He was a good actor, and more importantly he always came across as a genuinely decent guy too, for what my perception of him is worth.
    As he got older he bore an uncanny resemblance to my favorite and also departed Uncle, so I suppose that colors my perception of him some too. R.I.P. Patrick, God bless bro. I’ll say a prayer for your family today. I know they could use His aid today.

  2. Does no one else vote for “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar” as his best performance?

    I was older than a pre-teen but living in Colorado when Red Dawn came out. I did like it, but it’s never been one of my favorites. I’d put Ghost and Dirty Dancing as his best movie — neither of those are in my top 10 either but they were good.

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