GBR Roundup

Captain Bob and Damsel get a great picture of me shooting at the 400 yard plate, and talks about the event’s charity, Soldiers Angels.  The Packing Rat has some really excellent pictures, Day 1 and Day 2, including this picture of me shooting Mr. C’s High Standard, using his trademark modified taco grip.  Kevin has a few pics, including of Phil, who came all the way out from the UK to visit with us, winning the award for the farthest traveled person to the event.  We gave Phil a real baptism by fire the first night he arrived, once he mentioned he’d never held a handgun before, as SayUncle and Chris Byrne pulled out all the guns they were carrying, unloaded them, and familiarized him with them.  They can’t even own pistols in the UK, let alone carry them in public.  Traction Control has some pics from the cowboy fast draw that I was unfortunately not able to attend.  He came well prepared for the cowboy action.  Traction Control was also responsible for Alan Gura being there.  Random Nuclear Strikes hopes someone got video.

UPDATE: Someone did.  Packing Rat has GBR IV Day III, which has at least the video of the tail end of me engaging Gura with the iPhone, once my mind worked out “I think I’m way too drunk for this.”


4 thoughts on “GBR Roundup”

  1. Phil also shot my SIg P220 – I think he liked it. Wisely he declined the K-31. Good to see you again, it was a lot of fun especially with Alan there!

  2. Yeah, that K-31 hurt. My HK-91 clone was a comparative pussycat, and somebody (Uncle?) commented that the HK had the most punishing recoil of the .308 battle rifles.

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