I’m Glad One Of Us Can Still Get Orders

I’m really glad that Caleb’s Blackwater code book still works.  I had to burn mine over the winter when the patriots started to zero in on my position.  I’m glad one of us can still decode the signal! Otherwise the truth would be sure to come out.

Yes folks, we’re all in constant communication with Blackwater/Xe, trying to lull gun owning Americans into a sense of security, so that the Blackwater/Xe mercs can make the rounds disarming everyone.  Everyone else was clearly too blind to see it, but the true patriots were able to find the truth.  The truth that our week there was a lot more than just Para paying for a place to shoot, and one Blackwater senior , former Navy Seal and Virginia Beach Police Officer, giving us a 15 minute tour.  They never let us wander around the facility freely, and take pictures of pretty much whatever we wanted to.  Every week we get a bunch of marching orders, but without the code book, I’m screwed.  I guess it will be a FEMA camp for me when they end up going door to door.

But while we’re all being water boarded by the Blackwater torture division in the FEMA camps, we can rest easily knowing their are true patriots out there standing up for our paintball rights, with a bold and daring flashing of the shocker, sure to send any Blackwater/Xe merc running, or at least tricked into believing he’s missed his mark and shot off a finger.

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  1. All this nonsense on the EVIL BLACKWATER OMFG THEY ARE OUT TO GET US ALL has made me miss my Blackwater hat. I lost it in my most recent move. I think I’m gonna go buy a few more off the website. The race hat looks pretty spiffy, and I like the plain black logo cap. I really want the mesh one to match my BMW M3 mesh work out hat, but as is always my luck, they are out.

  2. OK, so first Caleb, and now you are going off on a comment over at Joe’s place.

    All you’re accomplishing with all this is to make yourself sound more and more like Josh Sugarman. You tried reasoning under the rubric of This Doesn’t Help Our Cause, and it didn’t work. How is insults and smears going to work? What’s next, an anonymous call to ATF claiming that certain visiting URLs link to people making submachine guns in the garage? Is being right that important to you?

    The simple fact is that you don’t know what tactic will work, and neither do I. Nobody does, and to try and toss people who might be allies aside might sound tactically smart, but is strategically stupid. The suspicion of Teh Gummint, whether it’s sworn and uniformed soldiers or hired contractors is something that runs deep in the American psyche, and ridiculing that suspicion only makes you sound foolish. Well, more foolish: linking Birthers and that comedy site WND to the 3pers is already pretty foolish.

    High School was a long time ago, and trying to carve out a ‘cool kidz’ section in the pro-2A community is only going to backfire on you.

  3. So it’s juvenile when I do it, but what is it when your fearless leader engages in it? Stand behind mud slingers, don’t bitch when you end up a little dirty.

  4. Let’s see if I have this right.

    1. A Prag (Caleb) attacks a Threeper (me) for being suspicious of BW/Xe. Now this occurs out of the blue, without any recent post to that effect on our side.

    2. S-no-balls chimes in. More insults.

    3. I insult S-no-balls and Company in return, and all of a sudden Poland has attacked Germany?

    I remain convinced this is just about lickspittling for more range time and “cool” tee-shirts.

    “Look at me, I’m wearing the logo of company whose cowboy tactics got good American soldiers killed in Iraq.”

    Yeah, “cool.”

  5. You can remain convinced all you want, and I can suggest you be refitted for a tin foil hat. Blackwater gave us no swag. They were polite hosts. That’s about the extent of it.

  6. “So it’s juvenile when I do it, but what is it when your fearless leader engages in it?”

    Since when is Mike my ‘fearless leader’? His blog is merely one of about a dozen (including yours) that I visit daily. To be sure, his outlook is closer to mine than yours is, but I don’t drink his Kool-Aid any more than I drink yours. And to your credit, you don’t moderate comments to the extent that he does.

    And when his daily page views start to equal yours, you’ll see me taking him to task for some of the more outrageous stuff he writes. Do you understand this last point? It’s not merely a particular point of view, it’s a POV coupled with prominence. And so long as this blog regularly makes the top ten list of gunbloggers, I’ll read it with a more critical eye, because not everyone who visits here are Gun Folks. You might start with lowering the ‘nasty’ part: both Tam and Uncle have many of the same problems with the more extreme portions of the 3pers, but they manage to do it with a bit more humor and less vitriol. Got that? More like Uncle, good; more like Linoge, bad.

    And despite your continued efforts to evade and ignore the salient points of my comments, the fact remains that gratuitous and uncalled for attacks on people that are at least nominally on your side is flat-out stupid and will bite you. For all the valid criticisms that can be leveled at Mr. Vanderboegh, kicking over the anthill without provocation isn’t usually one of them. If you’re so convinced that he’s both wrong and wrong-headed, why do you continually validate him by mentioning him?

  7. Peter:

    That is an excellent point, and something I will have to think about. Let me apologize for painting with such a broad brush and making assumptions I should not have.

    I probably should separate the 3%er philosophy from the kind of clownish behavior Mike often engages in. I’ve ignored him for a while now, and should perhaps return to that policy.

    I don’t agree with the three percent philosophy, I do think it’s a fringe set of beliefs (meaning not one believed in by a large number of Americans, not necessarily whacky like trutherism or birtherism), but I should treat it seriously. I will endeavor in the future to keep my disagreements with the movement serious, and ignore clownish behavior.

  8. Sebastian,
    Though I wouldn’t *necessarily* agree with on the ‘clownish’ comment, I do commend you for this last comment. You did, in fact, imply that Threepers were the same sort of wackiness as Truthers/Birthers, and to that I, like others, took exception.
    By clarifying that you think its a fringe set of beliefs insofar as it is a minority view, you’ve reminded me of a quote from Firefly/Serenity that I paraphrase here: “May not have been the winning side. Still not convinced it was the wrong side.”
    There may not be a majority of gun owners that believe as Threepers do…heck, the name pretty much acknowledges that. But there is no way anyone can know what we will all be reflecting on 20, 30, 50 years from now.

  9. W00t. It is always nice to be sufficiently good at something I enjoyed doing that it is even remembered almost a year later… warms the little cockles of my heart. That said, I have acres more vitriol for those who would advocate the violent, bloody, and unplanned overthrow of the very document I swore to defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic, (i.e. the hard-core threeper insurrectionists) but the entertainment value simply is not there any more. Perhaps in the future…

    Vitriolic though I may be, I will agree with Peter on his last point – Mike is not really worth your (or anyone’s) serious time or consideration, and such recognitions give him more credit than he is probably worth. Now, if you want to lambaste some other Mikes, that is all well and good (given that the one I am thinking of is more than a valid target and still vaguely amusing (though even that is decreasing)), but wasting your time on a self-parodical blowhard? *shrug* If you want to, but it is not going to do anyone any good (apart from the potential stress-relief you might receive in the exercise).

    As for reaching a middle ground… I will not hold my breath. After having far too many of the insurrectionist crowd categorize me in the “part of the establishment” heading for daring to speak out against them, you will forgive me for being less than sanguine.

    Oh, and for the sake of upfrontness, this comment is written by an individual who has never received any training or products of any kind from Blackwater/Xe. And cypher books are so shiny, too…

  10. Can someone point me to a link, or explain, what the hell this three per vs whatever prago is? It sounds like some asian vs. italian gang war. WTF?

  11. Sebastian, For what it’s worth, my opinion is that you are a most reasonable and articulate man who has a clearly defined code of honesty. This is based on the few exchanges we’ve had with each other and some hours of reading your blog discussions which I was not involved in.

    I find it very credit-worthy that you can criticize “your own” when you think they’re wrong and not do so in the excessive way that’s so popular with some folks.

    I also want to thank Peter for the following priceless line, which I will certainly refer to in future.

    “More like Uncle, good; more like Linoge, bad.”

  12. THe origins of the term ‘wookie suiter’ are from the man who does the Ridley Report libertarian indy Youtube news broadcasts – he’s waved a Ron Paul sign during the, primaries while wearing a wookie suit and growling like a wookie.

    I can provide video.

    P.S. Yes, I am a proud wookie-suiter.

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