Pittsburgh City Council Vote Tomorrow

NRA has the details on who the council members are.  They are asking people to contact council members today.  The actual bill in question can be found here if anyone is interested.  The part of the ordinance that is illegal is here:

No person shall possess any items in the following categories:

  1. noxious substances;
  2. “contraband weapon, accessories and/or ammunition” as defined in Section 607.02 of the Pittsburgh City Code;
  3. filtered gas masks or similar device designed to filter all air breathed and that would protect the respiratory tract and face against irritating, noxious or poisonous gases; or
  4. any projectile launcher or other device that is commonly used for the purpose of launching, hurling, or throwing any object, liquid, or material or other substance

with the intent to use any of the said aforementioned items for the purpose of defeating removal upon receipt of official crowd dispersal orders. For the purpose of this Section, “noxious substance” includes but is not limited to animal or human waste, animal or human blood, rotten eggs, acid, gasoline, manufactured gases or sprays, and alcohol.

The problem is that Section 602.7 of the Pittsburgh Municipal Code was thrown off the books by the State Supreme Court as being a violation of state law and the state constitution.  It is, in effect unenforceable, and is so badly written as to cover pretty much any semi-automatic firearm as a contraband weapon.

There is no purpose in the City of Pittsburgh passing this legislation other than as another attempt to weaken and scoff at Pennsylvania’s preemption law.   The penalty for doing the prohibited acts is the same whether you’re in possession of a “contraband weapon” or not. Adding the highlighted section literally has no effect on the crime.  If you’re doing these acts with or without a weapon, you can be prosecuted under the same ordinance.  This is solely a jab at statewide preemption.

9 thoughts on “Pittsburgh City Council Vote Tomorrow”

  1. Even ignoring the gun issue — they’re trying to ban gas masks? What the hell?

  2. So what are the weapons/accessories/ammo listed in Section 607.02 of the Pittsburgh City Code? I can’t seem to find it. I would like to know if I am a criminal or not if I happen to drive through the city on my way to the range.

  3. You can find them online, but you’re not a criminal because these laws were thrown off the books by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Just because they are still there in word doesn’t mean they have any legal effect. But that won’t stop the City of Pittsburgh from pretending.

  4. Regarding #4 … there go those water-balloon slingshots.

    Good lord … are ALL these people smoking crack?

    “Time to water the tree of liberty” indeed. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  5. Just for kicks, I’d like to see an amendment added to that bill that doubles the penalties if the law is violated by City Council members.

  6. Reed, they are clearly trying to kill us all.

    OK, they probably do not want criminals to have gas masks useable against tear gas, pepper/bear spray, etc. But since they consider everyone who is not paid by the government (yes, with our money) to ba a criminal…

  7. Banning gas masks to be used for lawful purposes is like banning bullet resistant clothing. It’s unlawful to possess/wear it when committing crimes … otherwise, perfectly lawful.

    Pitt has just become run by overzealous regulatory ninnies … people who need to be run out or shut down. If they are spending their time chasing crap like this … they have far too much time …

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