Is This a Problem in New York City?

Bloomberg is looking to crack down on drinking while carrying a firearm.  I wouldn’t have too much issue if there was a legal limit for carrying, much like there is driving, but I take exception to the mayor’s claim that:

“Carrying while intoxicated is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated and should be just as illegal,” Bloomberg said at a Wednesday campaign announcement discussing three anti-gun law proposals. Alaska, Missouri and other states already have laws prohibiting carrying a firearm while drunk.

Is it though?  In 2006, 13,470 people were killed in alcohol related motor vehicle accidents. If you factor in other drugs, that number increases by about 7600 to 21,047. In 2006, there were a total of about 642 accidental deaths from guns.  Even if you include intentional deaths from guns, that number only rises to the same level as the number of alcohol related traffic fatalities.  That’s without even controlling for alcohol or other impairing substances being a factor.  Clearly this is not as large a public safety issue.

So while I would have little objection to carrying a firearm over some legal limit being a minor misdemeanor, and cause for revoking a license to carry, I have a big issue with it being treated as more dangerous than drunken driving.  It is clearly not.  The punishment should fit the crime, and Bloomberg’s proposal, of a year in jail and 10,000 fine, does not.

What I think Bloomberg is doing is attempting to create more legal hazards, in anticipation of the Courts gutting a lot of New York City’s gun laws.   Facing the possibility of no longer being able to make gun possession largely illegal in the Big Apple, Bloomberg will do the next best thing; make it so outrageously hazardous legally that no one bothers.  I would call that the New Jersey method.  It’s very effective, and difficult to take to court.

9 thoughts on “Is This a Problem in New York City?”

  1. Last I heard, they’re were only 1300 carry permits in a city of 8.5 million, so the odds of something happening is distinctly low.

    More likely, this is grandstanding by the Mayor to appear tough on crime.

  2. Bloomberg want to go the DC route, in making gun possession onerously prohibitave.

  3. This IS a problem here in NYC. And 100% of the time, the perpetrators…*looking left, looking right*…are cops.

  4. The New Jersey approach has a pitfall though for the hoplophobes – at least as enacted in NJ. If NJ is forced to go *actual* shall-issue for their paperwork and to cut down their time limits to an *actual* reaosnable amount (as in long enough to run a NICS check); they’re hosed. All the legislative restriction on posession and ownership are dependent on not having the paperwork.

    (It’s worthwhile noting that the FID card and the pistol purchase permit are legislatively shall-issue within 30 days. Of course, we all know what the NJ SC thinks of timeframes in legislation).

    Which is why Bloomie wants to do this – to backstop losing the discretionary permitting system.

  5. New york city’s major problem with fire arms is the lack of safety training, handling, gun edjucation and do on.
    The city has a Long history in violent crime with weapons especially gun involved. The laws are do strict the gunshops and gun ranges virtually non existent, catering only to law enforcement. Second amemdment right does Not have weight in this city. Guns are like drugs, can never get rid of theam. Talking about guns we need theam to protect our country families. Not only from foreighn dictators or governments, but also from those that have illegal guns and use theam to hurt those un armed. In new York city gun edjucation should be accessible, it’s citizens should be allowed proper training handling of fire arms. Law abiding citizens are given such a hard time to get a permit. Not everyone is a murderer or bank robber. Maybe by properly training kids and responsible parental guidance, this whole gangster gun swinging fantasy Hollywood portrays children and teens whont be so gun hoe about pulling a triger. Other stares buying a firearm is no big deal. Why is newyork so strict? Why should criminals be the only ones allowed to possess guns in newyork? Mayor bloomberg can reduce, but can’t stop completely illegal flow of guns.

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