Guns and Restaurants

I’m amazed by the number of op-eds, any time this issue comes up, that says alcohol and guns don’t mix, and then proceed to mention that the bills prohibit license holders from actually drinking. No one really disagrees with that, it’s just that you can’t legislate responsibility. The people likely to ignore the prohibition on drinking are the same people likely to ignore the prohibitions on taking guns into restaurants in the first place.

For those of you heading to Pittsburgh next week, there’s no law about carrying a firearm into restaurants or bars in PA. It’s perfectly legal. We don’t even have a law that says you can’t drink while carrying. But keep in mind, especially for PA residents, being caught with a gun while intoxicated is generally grounds for having your LCTF revoked. How much do you want to bet NRA members manage to pull off another successful convention without having everyone get drunk and shoot up the place?

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  1. “it’s just that you can’t legislate responsibility.”

    It’s just that you can’t sell newspapers without sensationalizing the story.

  2. “No one really disagrees with that,”

    I do, if I want a beer while carrying a gun, then I drink a beer while carrying a gun.

    Nothing wrong with Demon Rum or Demon Gun.

  3. Is there going to be a Pittsburgh meetup? Also what the deal on CC at the convention. I reading conflicting stories claim that it’s not allowed and allowed.

  4. On the whole, I believe it’s a far far less hazardous activity than getting behind the wheel after a few beers. But most other folks may not see it that way, and all it really takes is one person who loses all judgement when they imbibe to screw it up for the rest of us.

  5. I can’t wait to see how it goes in wild Pennsylvania with your lax gun laws and even laxer gun attitudes.

    I don’t know if I agree that just one person who screws up will ruin it. I think if one person does something stupid, you guys will say it was only one and there were so many thousands who didn’t do anything wrong. That would be a good argument.

    But, if there are several incidents, that argument won’t work.

    Let’s see. Good luck.

  6. Hey MikeyB! don’t forget about us in Virginia, or for that matter, all 30-ish states that allow CCW in restaurants…

  7. I love how the antis (troll included) love to push such-and-such gun-control panacea, and love to bash such-and-such expansion of gun rights, yet they never look beyond the end of their nose. Guns in Bars, most states allow it, some even let you drink so long as you don’t get drunk. (If I feel like having a beer with dinner, or while watching a show I don’t hesitate any more because I’m carrying or if I’m driving home…the only thing that changes is how much I choose to drink)

    Or say Mikey’s little Registration, licensing, and no private sales. He doesn’t seem to note all the states that have JUST THOSE LAWS and oddly enough they still seem to be pretty dangerous places.

    Funny I wouldn’t walk through many parts of Boston, day or night because I know certain folks might do horrible things to me when they see my skin color. Doesn’t seem to comfort me to know that private sales are illegal, and all gun owners need to be licensed, and all guns registered….

    Its the same idea of Gay Marriage. Here in Massachusetts the gun control laws are thick, and they still don’t work, and the gays can get married all they want to whoever they want, and I don’t see any pillars of salt, brimstone on the ground, or two pairs of feet under every mens room stall.

    But bigots are required to ignore any inconvenient truth.

  8. mike,

    So, by your logic, if Porsche Club of America has a convention and “several” speeding or other driving incidents occur that somehow indicts all attendees and lawful car ownership in general?

    Wait, my mistake, I implied you use logic…

    As the bear said to the hunter after teh third encounter, “You really don’t come here for the hunting, do you?”

  9. I can’t wait to see how it goes in wild Pennsylvania with your lax gun laws and even laxer gun attitudes.

    You mean like happened last year in North Carolina, with it’s lax gun laws? Oh, wait… it didn’t.

    You mean like happened in 2009 in Arizona with it’s “lax” gun laws? Oh, wait… it didn’t.

    You mean like happened in 2008 in Kentucky with it’s “lax” gun laws? Oh, wait… it didn’t.

    You mean like happened in 2007 in Missouri with it’s “lax” gun laws? Oh, wait… it didn’t.

    Shall I go on, or have you figured out my point yet?

  10. @Jake

    Eventually some drunken idiot somewhere will shoot someone, and then it’ll be ‘I told you so!’. We’re not dealing with absolutes though; we’re not saying it won’t happen ever, it’s just not going to be common place. Same can be said with the ‘shoot outs over parking spots’ nonsense they bring up with shall issue CCW laws.

  11. Honestly, I think laws that prohibit drinking while carrying are the equivalent of prohibiting possession of car keys while drinking.

    What’s phenomenonally stupid with the VA law on concealed carry in places that serve is that 1: police and commonwealth attorneys can get plastered while carrying concealed and it’s legal, but if I take one sip I’ve committed a misdemeanor and 2: I can order a beer with my gun concealed, unconceal it to drink the beer, and then reconceal after I’m done, and that’s perfectly legal.

    First, if you’re going to make it illegal to drink while carrying concealed, it should apply to EVERYONE. Second, it should at least be limited to being illegal to be legally intoxicated. If my date bought a new beer, it shouldn’t be a class 1 misdemeanor for me to have a sip of it to see how it tastes.

    Oh yeah, I forgot that these laws are all just common sense.

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