Wiley Responds to Frommer Controversy

Statement here from the publisher of Frommer’s guides, on the blog post we spoke about before.  Summary seems to be “He has a right to his opinion, it’s not necessary ours, now go away you crazy gun nuts.  And oh, by the way, Love ya Arizona!”   I agree the guy has a right to his own opinion.  I just thought it was a very ignorant opinion, that revealed a great naivety about life in the rest of the country, which is pretty incredible from a guy who is known for travel guides.

3 thoughts on “Wiley Responds to Frommer Controversy”

  1. “As a Company we remain neutral because we respect our rights as individuals to have varying opinions. ”

    Good, as it’s my opinion that people shouldn’t buy his books.

    I’m glad they don’t mind!

  2. Frommer has a right to speak his mind, and so do we. We also have the right to say we are going to boycott his guide, I have had several people respond to my article who have said they will no longer will purchase it. They do not even own guns. But to not like his attitude toward freedom of speech and expression.


  3. I would be good if the gun community could engage with Arthur Frommer. In his blog post, he threw out some pretty broad statements that by themselves are ignorant and appear to be dogmatic. But he did say, “And therefore I will cancel any plans to vacation or otherwise visit in Arizona until I learn more.”

    Now if Mr. Frommer wants to tell us what he has learned or why he believes it was dangerous when nobody got hurt, etc. etc… that would be engaging the community. If he just wants to be dogmatic, that’s an entirely different matter — one where I will not be buying or recommending his books or those from his publisher. And I buy a lot of freakin’ books in my line of work.

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