MSNBC Busted

Look how MSNBC snow jobs the guy who showed up with the gun, and try to make it a race issue against Obama.  This is really really sleazy journalism:


I think Tam said it best in regards to this video:

Listen, you broadcast dinosaurs: You don’t control the horizontal or the vertical anymore, got it? We can adjust our sets any time we want to. We have our own cameras these days. The whole world is watching now.

7 thoughts on “MSNBC Busted”

  1. How did they hope to get away with this? Far more popular shows such as the Daily Show had already broadcast full images of the guy.

  2. JKB: I don’t think MSNBC really cares whether they “get away with” their propaganda tricks any more. They would just rather keep on churning out that type of “reporting” whenever possible, so long as it pushes their statist agenda. As I have said often before, leftists like those who are running MSNBC have a total end-justifies-means mentality, reality and truth be damned.

  3. “This is really really sleazy journalism”

    Isn’t “sleazy journalism” sort of redundant these days?

  4. Why isn’t a competing channel airing a live interview with the White Guy with a Gun at the Obama Town Hall’.

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