New Shooter

Joe takes a new shooter to the range, and it seems she wants to buy a gun now:

In in parking lot I asked her about why she wanted a gun. The answer was the economy is probably going to get worse and Obama may make it difficult to get a gun. She wanted a gun to be able to protect herself and her youngest daughter who lives with her. She asked how much a gun costs and if a .22 would be okay for her needs. I suggested she should practice some more and try to get the strength to be able to shoot something a little bigger. But, the most important selection criteria was that she feel comfortable shooting it. If that means a .22 then that would be best for her.

For new shooters, I think Joe is asking the right questions.  A gun you’re comfortable with and take to the range is going to be more effective when the SHTF than the one that stays in a drawer and you never practice with.  I’ll take the stopping power of a well placed .22LR round over a .45ACP round that misses any day of the week.

4 thoughts on “New Shooter”

  1. God forbid you do it in front of any one-gun enthusiast. Guys who were convinced their way was the only way were the biggest turn off for women I introduced to shooting. Fortunately, I learned at the S&W range where, for the most part, the staff were very much of the “do what is comfortable for you” attitude. There was really only one guy who didn’t believe that, and I don’t think he lasted long there. He used to yell at customers, and that’s generally a turnoff at a commercial range.

  2. The cost of practicing is where the rubber meets the road for some folks, especially right now. As far as the relative effectiveness of a .22, I look on the bright side. Something like 50-60% of the households in the country don’t have any firearms. As far as carrying goes, what, maybe 97% of the population doesn’t. If a new shooter buys a good .22 pistol, practices with it, and carries it, there are already better protected than a large percentage of the population.
    My logic may be faulty somewhere, but more citizens taking an interest is a good thing, no matter what gun they pick.

  3. Small lead on target is better than larger lead flying wild. As I told the wife, who’s learning on the Mosquito, “Put all 10 in ’em.”

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