Scott Bach Editorial

Over at, in regards to Corzine’s recent signing of S1774, the one-gun-a-month bill in New Jersey.

The only publicly available ATF statistics show, irrefutably, that less than one-half of 1 percent of guns traced by ATF originated as New Jersey multiple handgun sales, which also means that more than 99 percent of traces originated as individual (not multiple) sales.

There simply is no evidence that licensed multiple sales in New Jersey are trafficked or used in crime by their purchasers, and objective evidence demonstrates precisely the opposite.

The sad thing is, they were all told this, and they didn’t care.  The goal was never to reduce trafficking.  The goal was for Corzine to have a campaign issue that he viewed he could use against Chris Christie.

One Response to “Scott Bach Editorial”

  1. drew458 says:

    I ran the numbers for a similar post on my blog too. If you accept that this One A Month law is about stopping straw purchase handguns originating in NJ, and define straw purchase as “bought the guns and sold them in under 6 months” … then analyzing the 2008 ATF report
    shows that this law might stop FIVE handguns a year from being used in crimes. 5. Out of the 4000 guns seized, that’s 1/8 of 1%.

    This is what NJ government does best: sound and fury, signifying nothing. And then get re-elected because they’re “fighting crime and gang violence”.