Should Doctors Have Guns?

A comment asks for my thoughs on this.  I don’t see why Doctors should be different than any other business owner.  The primary objection, I would imagine, is that it violates their hippocratic oath to “do no harm.”  But to me, that doesn’t require being taken to suicidal conclusions.  The “do no harm” directive applies to the practice of medicine, it doesn’t apply to a doctor’s right to defend himself, and the employees and patients in his practice.

To me, it’s a matter of personal choice for the doctors.  If a doctor chooses to have a gun in his office, fine by me.  If he chooses not to, that’s fine by me too.

2 thoughts on “Should Doctors Have Guns?”

  1. Go read the book “On Call in Hell.” Amazing book by CDR. Richard Jadick, the battalion surgeon for 1/4 Marines in Fallujah. At one point he talks about how he’s using his sidearm in battle to cover Marines, and at another point even tells some Marines to “go kill that guy.” He discusses the tension between his situation and his oath. Very interesting.

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