Helped my dad move into his new house today near Reading, PA.  It’s a nice area, and a nice house.  Plenty of room in the basement for a decent air gun range.  I miss having a basement.  My current house sort of has one, but it’s small and finished.  I won’t buy another house without one.  There’s an air gun silhouette match tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I’ll be able to drag myself out of bed in time.

4 thoughts on “Tired”

  1. If you’ve got 10 meters, you can shoot at 10 meter targets, but for silhouette animals, the closest animal is 10 yards for pistol, which still makes for good silhouette practice.

  2. Damn – I think my basement is a bit too short. Which is a shame, really; since the basement is broken into 2 pieces. Evidence would suggest that the much smaller chunk was a crawlspace at some point before the house was expanded. It’s about 25′ long, sadly. (There’s some safety issues as well, with the entryway being about dead center, and the sump pump being next to that). but there’s about 4′ of “full-height” lane room and a “shelf” of masonry just next to that.

    Maybe I’ll just set up an Airsoft “range” down there for grins and giggles. At least I don’t currently have to deal with NJ paperwork stupidity if I do that. Though I’ll have to improve the lighting.

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