Hot Match

You could say I was on fire this match.  It sure felt that way with the 92 degree temperatures, with humidity to match.  After a really rocky start in the morning, which I will blame on the wonderful smell of Larry’s bratwursts on the grill distracting me, I shot a master score open sights.  35 out of 40.  Going into rams, I only dropped three animals, then dropped two rams.  That’s my third master score this year, which means I move from AAA to Master in open sight air pistol silhouette.

Any sights scores are still trailing.  27 out of 40 with the Mata Gallina.  On my open sight pistol, I have the trigger to the point where it’s decent.  I polished up all the surfaces on the .22, and cut the spring a little, but it’s still too damned heavy and creepy.  Crosman triggers are awful from the factory, but they improve with use even if you don’t do anything to them.  If you experiment a bit, you can generally get the trigger’s on them at least halfway nice.  As good as you can expect from a pistol which costs 150 bucks.

Larry’s brats were fantastic this match.  He got them from Rieker’s German Butcher in the Northeast part of Philadelphia.  I am definitely heading there next time Bitter and I have a cookout.

3 thoughts on “Hot Match”

  1. I got plenty of venison if you want it.

    And can get you more this fall

    Does the butcher make his own brat? Or is he sourciong it from somewhere (Hatfield, or somewhere else)?

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