A Couple of #Winning Observations

Ever notice that the few publicly disclosed Hollywood NRA members have a disproportionate involvement in decently made historical and/or patriotic films? Funny how that seems to be true. We settled on NRA board member Tom Selleck’s Ike – Countdown to D-Day a couple of days ago. It also has NRA member Gerald McRaney.

This wasn’t the only recent NRA member entertainment we have enjoyed. We last caught McRaney in Jericho.

As we were surfing through movies to watch on Netflix last night, we stopped on Netflix’s “Most Popular” tab. The first show listed was NRA board member R. Lee Ermey’s Lock N’ Load. That’s called winning right there.

One thought on “A Couple of #Winning Observations”

  1. Today had a good “we might just be winning after all” moment. Went to Basspro for some ammo, and they have at least a dozen distinct AR models, all kinds of innovative ammo (including tons of fun stuff like zombiemax), and 3 aisles of stuff like sog tomahawks. You can buy a well-made tactical tomahawk at a major national retailer. Nice.

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