OK, Armored Cars Aren’t So Soft

Almost as if they took my advice from this weekend, an armored car driver gets into a shootout with an armed robber in South Philadelphia.  I guess armored cars aren’t quite the soft targets I thought.  I figured there’d be no way those drivers would get into a gun fight if they could possibly avoid it, because they don’t get paid much, and the money is insured.  Since criminals seem to be following my advice, and getting shot at, my next suggestion is to try to hold up a police station.  Yeah.  That’s the ticket.

4 thoughts on “OK, Armored Cars Aren’t So Soft”

  1. I’d love to know where all the hysterics are from the liberal crowd now. Why is it OK for companies to defend their money with arms, but when someone defends their life with arms, the gun ban folks come running? Have we as a society lost all care for how important and sacred life is?

  2. Slightly off topic, it turns out going to a blogmeet in Indy and listening to Farmer Frank tell Tam stories about work as an armored car driver is exactly as cool as it sounds. IIRC he had a Swedish K on the job.

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