What’s Happening To Delaware County?

Once a Republican stronghold, Delaware County, the county directly South of the City of Philadelphia, and where I grew up, now claims wild eyed leftist and gun hater Joe Sestak as their representative.  Sestak won the seat from Curt Weldon in 2006.  Now Sestak wants to be our Senator, and is challenging Snarlen in the primary.  He’s announced he won’t run again for the Congressional seat. The candidates are starting to line up.

What’s disturbing me is the prospects so far aren’t looking too good from our point of view.  So far we have:

  • Tom Killion – R (State Rep. NRA D rated)
  • Bryan Lentz – D (State Rep. NRA F rated)
  • Greg Vitali – D (State Rep. NRA F rated)
  • Steven Welch – R (businessman, no known rating)

Is there no gun vote left in Delaware County?  Let’s hope Steven Welch is on our side.  Delaware County’s demographics don’t lend themselves to someone who’s wildly pro-gun, but we ought to be able to do better than a D for that seat.

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening To Delaware County?”

  1. The crowd from Darby, Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Swartmore and have been out of control having babies. We would have never allowed that if we knew……

    Weldon got railroaded, Sestak knows he wouldn’t win another term in Congress with his past votes. He needs Philly and Pittsburgh.

    I like Tom Killion. He just needs to get more in tune with gun laws and law abiding people. He has a chance to step up big.

  2. He’ll need a reason to step up. If he doesn’t think there are any votes or money behind being pro-gun, he doesn’t have any reason to adopt that position.

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