You Need An Interest Group For Everything

Megan McArdle is lamenting that her hobby of book collecting has been outlawed by Congress.  That’s one of the major reasons many of us do what we do here in the gun blogosphere.  No hobby is safe.  It seems you need an interest group to lobby for your right to do anything these days.   Somehow I don’t think this is what the founders had in mind when they created a federal government of limited and enumerated powers.

5 thoughts on “You Need An Interest Group For Everything”

  1. Good freaking lord. This will devastate just about every “Friends of the Library” organization, used book store, thrift store, and everything else out there.

    Some days you have to wonder what kind of drugs they can procure in D.C….

  2. I have a climate controlled garage that I’d donate to any local second hand bookseller to store their ‘illicit’ stock. And not ask for a dime once the law is overturned by common sense.

  3. “They who would sacrifice liberty for security
    deserve neither and shall loose both.”
    – Benjamin Franklin, the First Fireman

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