Bad Choice in Delaware

Another Gun Blog points out that the Democratic candidate for governor this year is about as anti-gun as you can get.  Current Governor Ruth Ann Minner was a pro-gun Democrat, with an A-rating from the National Rifle Association, and who signed into law Delaware’s reciprocity bill.  Things in the First State could take a serious turn for the worse if Jack Markell is elected.

What’s always surprised me about Delaware is that it’s remained a largely pro-gun state, being pretty solidly blue.  Half a million of Delaware’s 864,000 residents are located in Democrat dominated New Castle County.  Things could get ugly in The First State.

10 Responses to “Bad Choice in Delaware”

  1. Is it *common sense*, to be sick of the phrase *common sense*?

  2. mike w. says:

    I’ll have a much more detailed post in a few days. Haven’t been in a blogging mood lately.

    And yes, this scares me. I really thought we might be getting close to becoming shall-issue. I now have no doubt that Markell would veto any pro-carry bill that came to his desk. He’s got a whole host of really scary proposals, including turning Wilmington into the Delaware version of Philly, home rule and all.

    This guy is downright terrible for Delaware gun owners. Frankly, I don’t think Republican Bill Lee has a shot against Markell He’s a good guy (my family knows him) but he had to be begged just to run this year and spent most of his time at the beach rather than campaigning in the primaries.

  3. Navy Vet from Jersey says:

    From what I’ve seen of Delaware, once you get out of Newark and Wilmington, the rest of the state is quiet suburbs and rural areas. I would like to think that this means that there are plenty of lawful gun owners in Delaware, and that they would reject at the polls any prospective leader of their state who opposes their continued right to keep and bear arms.

  4. Sebastian says:

    The two lower counties, Kent and Sussex, went red in 2004. But New Castle, the blue county, has most of the population.

  5. mike w. says:

    Navy Vet – This is true, however a majority of the population resides in NCC. Wilmington is a huge voter block and it’s dominated by minorities who vote Democrat. Most of these folks will blindly vote for the guy with a (D) next to his name, especially if he’s running on “change” like Markell.

    There are quite a few gun owners in this state, but we’re still probably a 60-40 blue state. We also have the unfortunate circumstance of Sarah Brady residing in our state. Markell is the 1st candidate I can remember in a while who’s seriously pushing a plethora of gun control crap. Usually even the anti-gun Dems here don’t try to push through many gun laws at the state/local levels.

  6. Gabbo! says:

    Developments like these are why I moved to western PA last year. I liked buying bangsticks with no sales tax but the New Castle County traffic and (D) infestation were overwhelming.

  7. Mike w. says:

    Sebastian – Southern Delaware is like an entirely different state compared to NCC. Hell, it almost feels like the south sometimes.

  8. Bitter says:

    It has Sonics!

  9. germ says:

    Thanks for the info.Needless to say we in Delaware do not hear any anti gun news about candidates.Except for Joe Biden I could not tell you who is anti gun in delaware. i do know that the state representives in Dover generally vote down any anti gun bills pushed by Liberals.I am certainly voting for Lee but his campaign is so under financed he has not much of a chance.

  10. Bitter says:


    Your EVC probably has information about anti-gun candidates.