Bloomberg Gets Credit for Defeating Thune

It looks like Bloomberg is throwing down on the NRA, and claiming victory.  The article provides good insight into how the political process works.  I suggest everyone read it.

It did not look like the odds were in their favor. Feinblatt maintained a whip sheet, one of those essential lobbying tools for tracking “who’s with us, who’s against us and who’s on the fence.” He figured there were more than two dozen senators who were undecided, leaning yes or leaning no. But he was particularly focused on one.

“We had to flip Specter,” Feinblatt says. “There was no question about it — we had to flip Specter.”

Yes, Arlen Specter, he of the recent switch from the Republican Party to the Democrats. The former district attorney. The guy facing a tough reelection campaign next year. That Specter, the one they call “Snarlin’ Arlen.” He became their bellwether.

I hope Toomey cleans his clock next November.  At least now I don’t really have to worry much about NRA endorsing Specter in the election.  Bloomberg appears to be positioning himself as the chief opponent of gun rights.  But he’s on the defensive.  We’re coming after New York City’s gun laws.  One way or another, they will be forced to accept the right of the people to own and carry a firearm for self-defense.

There’s been a lot of rumors floating around on the Internet that this entire Thune amendment was staged, and was theater, and have used evidence of vote trading to bolster the claim.  I hate to break it to these folks, but all politics, at least that which you see, is theater. Some figure that out and become disillusioned and cynical, but there’s no reason to be.  You can still influence the process, and find success.

Thune and the NRA were wise to push the bill.  When someone hands you the keys to an expensive sports car, you don’t drive it around like a old lady on Sunday.  You open up the throttle and see what it can do.  That’s what the Thune amenmdnet was about.  In this case, we didn’t quite get the performance we wanted, so we’ll go back, tune the engine, stiffen the suspension, and try again.  Next time we may not come two votes short.  If Bloomberg wants to fight this again, I can promise him we’ll give him the opporuntity.

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