Consequences of Losing

Dave Adams of the Virginia Shooting Sports Association, has a good post on Mark Warner’s comment about NRA, which I spoke about yesterday.  He’s also touting a quote from Paul Helmke, which is basically prepping the ground for a loss on Sotomayor, “you can vote against the NRA and still win, and win in gun-friendly areas.”

I think Helmke is probably right about this.  Confirmations just don’t get people that fired up, but opinion leaders in the issue expected NRA to oppose, and so they did.  But I doubt anyone is going to lose their seat over the vote.  If Sotomayor gets to rule on a Second Amendment issue before the 2010 elections, that’ll be one thing, but likely by the time she does, the connection will be too tenuous, and politicians will have had plenty of time to make it up.

3 thoughts on “Consequences of Losing”

  1. And you can have union thugs go after the NRA for going after the dems in WV while Babblin’ Biden is out saying no new coal and the dupes are too dumb to see they’re willingly grabbing their ankles.

  2. Not true, With multiple crisis coming many new Democrats may lose their seats. They are graded especially on guns rights in their districts. Sotomayor is a bad choice for gun rights. She thought self defense had to created by statute rather than a natural right.

    These new guys are very vunerable on the stinmuls, cap and trade and the health care. Sotoyaor is just cream on the top.

    Look at who is being targeted in the next election and more GOP candidates are willing to run against them.

    NRA has to be true to their principles and if they did not indicate grading on the CCW bill and Sotomayor then NRA would have lost memebers and then clout. There has been a massive upsurge in membership the last 9 months.

    Let the NRA campaign against those who vote for Sotomayor in 2010 and see how ineffective they are then.

  3. Whether Democrats lose their seats on other issues isn’t something I meant to address. I am suggesting that a lot of the Dems who vote for Sotomayor won’t lose their seats due to that vote. Guys like Tester and Webb have been with us on everything else, and will have plenty of opportunities to keep their grades from sliding. Maybe they get A- instead of As. Some guys, like Specter, will probably drop more. But NRA isn’t going to play the game like GOA says they will, which is to fail anyone who votes for Sotomayor, and NRA would be foolish to do so.

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