NRA Letter to Senate on Sotomayor

This letter NRA sent this morning to the Senate would appear to confirm that they are indeed grading the vote on Sotomayor, since I know some readers were skeptical.

2 Responses to “NRA Letter to Senate on Sotomayor”

  1. Harold says:

    Thanks, that’s specific and official enough for me.

    A very strongly argued letter; Sotomayor has studied the majority Heller opinion WRT incorporation, e.g. citing footnote 26? on that, yet can’t acknowledge its holding on self-defense or even self-defense being an ancient right.

    And using superseded 19th century 14th Amendment jurisprudence to deny incorporation when that footnote in Heller pointed out you can’t do that anymore….

  2. mike123 says:

    I’m still a skeptic. Sure its graded, but it might only be a quiz. We’ll see.

    Hopefully, the conversations behind closed doors are more forceful and painful. Which is the appropriate place for such conversations.

    The real issue for the Republicans are that too many of its members go against party interest all the time. There is just enough to assure Democrats victory AND enough to prevent vulnerable Democrats from having to vote against thier constitutents.

    I hate Republicans.