4 thoughts on “You’re a criminal …”

  1. This is news?

    The obvious response is three-pronged:

    1. Continue the gradualist approach we use today in eliminating some of those laws [perhaps with a bit more pressure].

    2. Go on a public campaign of educating the people about the effects of these laws and the moral and practical objections to them.

    3. Different organizations from the ones in 1) will engage in a campaign of more radical projects, like trying to attack the NFA in court, or PEACEFUL civil disobedience, and other such mad-cap stuff. Mad-cap stuff has its place.

  2. Ayn Rand was right. And that’s the goal of our government: make so many laws that we cannot exist without breaking some of them.

  3. Yes, we probably all could be prosecuted for something.

    4. Mishandled supposedly dangerous substances or did a poor job of supervising workers who handled them. A couple of years ago, a high-school chemistry teacher was fined for keeping a dangerous chemical, an acid, stored openly instead of in a locked cabinet. Uh, the “acetic acid” handwritten label was slapped over the “vinegar” label that was there when he bought it at the supermarket…

    5. Violated a wide range of miscellaneous federal regulations. Again going back about three years: a Congressional group asked for a list, or at least a count, of such with potential improsonment resulting. The reply was basically “We don’t know, and have no way of finding out especially as so many are buried in non-criminal sections but refer to criminal sections for enforcement.”

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