Battleground State

Bitter is learning why they call Pennsylvania a Battleground State. I say that jokingly, though.  I don’t remember any election being this bad.  Union thuggery is a staple of Philadelphia, but it’s traditionally been limited to the city.  This election is particularly, nasty, and the Democratic Party is bringing the nastiness out to the suburbs.  We were told were the ones out canvasing the neighborhoods on behalf of Hope/Change/Vandalism on Saturday.  Pennsylvania needs change, but it’s not the kind of change these pieces of garbage are selling.  You don’t see our people out vandalizing Obama signs.

One thought on “Battleground State”

  1. Bus loads of Libs have been coming to Doylestown for the last 2 months to peddle their bilge, and no doubt destroy private property.

    Apparently their headquarters in Wilkes-Barre determined this area needed further canvassing and the Obama campaign subsidized their latest bus trip this past Saturday. Those morons believe in their cause and had been paying $30/head to come out for a 12 hour day to promote the One. This weekend they only had to pay $8/head.

    Today they’ll be out in force again. Take a look.

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