Head Turning Headlines

I couldn’t have imagined Dan Boren was suddenly turning on us, which is why this headline appearing in my alerts made me do a double take:

Oklahoma Representative Boren: Microstamping Bill is Pro-Gun

They are talking about an NRA backed bill to fund a study on microstamping, not the act of mandating microstamping itself. I actually questioned someone at NRA about this wisdom of this when the issue came out a few weeks ago, but they noted that when they’ve done these kinds of studies (real scientific studies, as opposed to the crap our opponents peddle) they’ve been more useful for our side than they are for the other. The only serious study of microstamping done to date wasn’t favorable to the technology, so I think the hope is this study confirms those findings and helps put this issue to bed.

2 Responses to “Head Turning Headlines”

  1. Miguel says:

    Oh hell.. I can hear the grumblings of Those ButtHurt Against the NRA screaming at the top of the mountain that it is one more piece of evidence that the NRA is nothing more than a shell for Sarah Brady.

    IIRC Taurus received a sizable grant by the Clinton Administration in order to research the concept of a Safe Gun that it could only be used by its intended owner. There were some cries of “Quisling!” and “Heresy!” Nothing came out of it.

  2. Stephen says:

    I was also highly skeptical … but then I got to thinking … if Oklahoma promotes a study, it will probably be a realistic one that will actually be based on sound principles rather than just the basis of “anything to make gun ownership more expensive/start registration.”

    So since states are going to get more and more in to this, I think it’s a wise move to have a legitimate study done by a gun friendly state.