Not Many Chickens Killed Yet

Took the Mata Gallina out to our Thursday league match tonight.  Just got the pellets a few hours before so I had no time to sight in. Only got a few chickens.  Bitter came with and snapped a pic of me shooting chickens with the taco grip typical for shooting Silhouette.

Shooting Mata Gallina

I had to do it on the fly on a windy rainy night.  Still need to work on it a bit.  Bitter ended up shooting a 14 in a 60 animal match, with open sights.  She really did quite good for a first time shooting air pistol.  It’s not an easy sport, and I gave her a gun with a half empty CO2 cartridge in an attempt to sabotage her, but it didn’t work too well!

I can see why Rowland prefers the .22.  For one, when the CO2 is dropping, the gun sounds and feels different.  For two, you can actually see a .22 pellet headed downrange under more lighting circumstances than you can see a .177 pellet, so you can do Kentucky windage better.  If it hadn’t been for being able to see the pellet, I wouldn’t have hit much of anything tonight.

2 Responses to “Not Many Chickens Killed Yet”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    Ahh – so that’s the Taco Grip…

    How well does that work on a full-slide semi? (Also, I think it violates one of the handling rules at the NRA range – IIRC both thumbs have to be on the same side of the weapon)

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    It certainly didn’t help that it was bitter cold last night. Get it, “biter.”

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week!