Biased Much?

From the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal:

Yes, it is a win, but if you’re sickened by gun violence and the NRA’s over-the-top extremism in the defense of the gun industry and, I suppose, the Second Amendment, it’s not time to relax.

He then goes on to advocate more citizens get involved weakening preemption state wide.  Keep in mind this is not an editorial, but supposedly a news article about the NRA challenges to Pittsburgh’s Lost & Stolen.

Although a statement like this clearly does not belong in a news article at all, I’m willing to accept when people don’t agree with the NRA.  But it really pisses me off when they suggest that NRA represents the “gun industry,” because it dismisses the fact that millions of American citizens have a legitimate interest that NRA is looking after.  The anti-gun folks always want to talk about having a conversation with us about gun violence, but before you can have that conversation, you have to accept we exist.  As long as they believe NRA is nothing more than fat cats in smoke filled rooms, talking about how we can jack up the profits of the gun business, there’s no room for conversation.  The only way I can oppose someone who believes that is by opposing everything they do.

UPDATE: Compare that to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, who at least has the decency to put this in an editorial section:

The best way to celebrate this news may be to emphasize the larger point — that Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and a growing number of other communities are standing up for the right to regulate guns according to their own situations and needs. Lawmakers in Harrisburg should take note and pass a state law making such suits by the NRA hopeless.

Preemption is a bedrock issue when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms.  We will waste no effort in fighting any attempts to weaken it.