More on Carrying Pepper Spray

Brillianter has more, and I think he makes one very good point:

Ultimately I see a lot of people painting themselves into a corner where they are going to have to pull the trigger in order to have any self defense response. I hear a lot of talk in training circles about “lethal force options.” Lethal force is not optional, it’s mandatory. If I had a choice to make I would choose something other than shooting. Lethal force is what happens when all those options are taken away. If I am not facing a deadly force threat then shooting isn’t even an option.

Read the whole thing.  When I carried pepper spray, back when I spent more time in Philadelphia, I always found the cylinders to be cumbersome.  They are tough to grab out of a pocket and get into action, and they are rather obnoxiously conspicuous on a belt.  You can only carry so much before you just look ridiculous.

But as much as I wish someone made a pepper spray in a package as compact and pocket friendly as, say, a Kel-Tec P3AT, they seem to make spray these days with clips on it just like they do with pocket knives.

6 thoughts on “More on Carrying Pepper Spray”

  1. No level of force is guaranteed to stop your attacker every time. As he said, it will generally take care of someone who’s not really dedicated to the fight.

  2. I think people DO make that kind of thing… but now whereas to find it, no idea. I’m a fan of less than lethal force and pepper spray in general!

  3. I’ll agree with Roberta X from the last pepper spray thread.

    Having read Ayoob religiously during the late 80’s/early 90’s, I realize that the legal system, after you’re involved in a lethal force incident, is going to look at adjudicating the shooting of a *citizen* (NOT the thug who was attacking you). So after you’re arrested (and you will be), you’ll have to go through several levels of the legal system.

    It is my opinion (layman though I be) that having a less-than-lethal means at your disposal is more than likely going to require you to explain (probably in court) why you didn’t use it first.


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