Joe Sestak, Gun Hater Extraordinaire, Pokes Specter

Sestak, who is challenging Specter in the Dem primary, is calling on him to vote against National Concealed Carry Reciprocity:

“Pennsylvania has a right to determine who can carry a concealed weapon in the Commonwealth,” said Congressman Sestak. “We’ve dealt with tragedy after tragedy from gun violence, and while I support the right to bear arms, I also support sensible concealment regulations to protect our communities and law enforcement officers — and I support the right of Pennsylvania to make those decisions. I call on Arlen Specter to vote against the Thune Amendment and to take the lead in opposing the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.”

The 600,000+ Pennsylvanians who have a License to Carry will benefit from this law far more than other states will.  Pennsylvania’s requirements for getting a concealed carry permit are among the least burdensome in the nation.  We don’t require training, and the fee is 26 dollars.  If Joe Sestak is thinking he’s going to hurt Specter on guns, in Pennsylvania, he’s probably doing the opposite.  We tend to like our Dems pro-gun, thank you very much.

8 thoughts on “Joe Sestak, Gun Hater Extraordinaire, Pokes Specter”

  1. This position will help him against Spector in the Dem primary. Hoepfully it will destroy him in the general election.

    1. I haven’t checked the numbers for Democratic primary voters in/around Philly vs. the rest of the state, but why assume it will help in the Democratic primary? I could even see the union Democratic voters in Philly opting for the Democrat who has been supportive of gun rights in the past vs. the guy who touts his Brady endorsements. Remember, there are pro-gun Democrats here, and their party voters are putting them in office. Even neutral & leaning anti-gun Dems at the state level try to keep guns from becoming an issue, especially in advance of a general election. Sestak has to know that this will only hurt him in the general election. Let’s face it, regardless of the outcome of the primary, he still has to run in November.

  2. Sestak knows he has a weak hand and is positioning himself to move onto the national stage?

    (Bartender, one mixed metaphor, on the rocks)

  3. I have a question for anyone: Is reciprocity only for transients, or does it apply if the out-of-stater moves to and settles down in another State? If so, does he have until his old permit expires, or does he need to get a new one as soon as he has switched his domicile (I haven’t seen the the law’s text.)?

  4. Seems to be no residency restrictions; as long as you have a valid permit, you’re covered (even if it be a non-resident permit). Wouldn’t want to be the test case, unless Alan Gura and team are available, though

  5. Wow, sad to learn this about Sestak, who’s so good in so many ways in my view (having grown up under the blubbery anklegrabber Weldon). But of course he’s anti-gun. They redistricted all us poor and working folks away from him. He wouldn’t care about us anyway. Swarthmore and Haverford is more like it. When they want security they gentrify, gate, and hire private guards.

    Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know, being gone from the Commonwealth for a long time now. But not so long that I didn’t take visceral offense at Mr. Obama’s “bitter Pennsylvanians” comment. My religion happens to be none of the above, but I had it out east with that sort of elitism. Divide and conquer. Yeah, well that cuts both ways, and it lost him my vote.

    By the way, would someone kindly inform Mr. Sestak of this thing called the FBI background check, and fingerprinting, and all? And send him some actual statistics on crime rate among CCW holders?

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