Specter is Opposing the Thune Amendment

From Specter’s Office:

“From my own experience growing up in Kansas and being District Attorney of Philadelphia, I know states need to prescribe their own rules for carrying a concealed deadly weapon. This is the essence of federalism. My vote against the Thune Amendment will not limit the constitutional rights of hunters and gun owners. Pennsylvania already recognizes concealed carry permits from 24 other states where their laws are similar.”

And only one of those states borders Pennsylvania Senator!  You have to go to West Virginia, in the Southwest Corner of the state, to be able to legally carry a firearm to protect yourself out of this state with a Pennsylvania License to Carry.  There are over 600,000 of us, and we will remember this in 2010.  This was a dumb move on Specter’s part, who is already facing an uphill battle from both the right and left.

Call Specter now.  Flood his switchboard, and let him know you are pissed.

7 thoughts on “Specter is Opposing the Thune Amendment”

  1. Did you see Gillibrand speak against it? She’s totally converted, or is that reverted? You gotta wonder about these flip-floppers. Like Romney, which is the real person? Is there a real person?

  2. When it comes to politicians, there is no real them. They go where the money and votes are. The ones that don’t get very good at delivering concession speeches.

  3. Interestingly enough, Chucky Schumer used to consistently vote to repeal the Sullivan Act. He’s also turned coat when he took a statewide office.

  4. And Jim Webb is rising in support of the Amendment and calling his fellow Dems out!!!

    Good for him . . . . I wish all of America was filled with Democrats like Jim Webb.

  5. “the gang members already have their guns, they don’t need this bill. The people who need this bill are the ones the gang members are threatening.”

  6. What is Spectors problem? Why does he think this bill will change the laws of any states? I think he’s just been punked by obammy.

    1. He wasn’t “punked” by anyone. He’s running left on everything in order to somehow try to avoid facing the same problem he switched parties over – a serious primary challenge. I actually thought gun rights was something he might stay true on only because pro-gun Dems do win statewide here, and they obviously survive primary elections to do so. Not to mention, lots of the union rank-and-file Democrats are also gun owners and would much have preferred an established well-rated Senator to a Brady-endorsed angry Congressman.

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