Welfare States

California is the biggest one in the country.  Like, by a lot.  A whole lot.

4 Responses to “Welfare States”

  1. And it’s a surprise to them that their state is virtually insolvent? Wake up, Californians!

  2. Ride Fast says:

    […] Welfare queen of doom […]

  3. drjim says:

    I knew it was bad, but not *this* bad.

  4. ernestthing says:

    It’s mostly two things…

    One part free money for, and basically zero fraud investigation of the unionized in-home supportive service. You basically say you’re taking care of a disabled family member in your home, and they send you a check. Currently, there are over 130,000 IHSS “workers,” and two fraud investigators.

    The other part is the fact that California found a way to not honor the welfare-to-work requirements to cut off welfare after a certain amount of time. Instead, California borrowed to continue paying these welfare recipients, and have been trying to get the fedgov to cover the expense anyway.

    I’m an optimist, and have maintained my glimmer of hope that my state will snap from its reverie, and get this state back on track, but I find that glimmer fading…