It’s a Flying Fish Weekend for Us

Apparently neo-prohibitionist group MADD is angry at Flying Fish brewery over in New Jersey for naming one of their beers “Exit 4 American Trippel.” Apparently unaware that people in New Jersey locate other New Jerseyans through “What exit are you at,” MADD seems to feel that any association with highways and beer is entirely wrong, and promotes drinking drunk driving.  Apparently the New Jersey Turnpike Authority is worried people might think they have suddenly turned into a microbrewery, and are taking notice.

I’ve always liked Flying Fish beers, so if you’re in an area you can get it, have some this weekend.  I’m particularly going to try to track down some Exit 4 Trippel, and enjoy a few bottles out on my patio, just as a nice f**k you to MADD.  What’s next?  Calling the FAA and bitching that their name and logo promote drinking and flying?  Hang in there Flying Fish.  Don’t let the nannies win.

Hat Tip to Instapundit

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