The Media Noticed the Charade and Deemed it a “Loophole”

I guess this isn’t really too surprising:

Another loophole being exploited is the provision of the law that says the assault weapons ban only applies to those semi-automatic rifles with magazines one can remove with a push of a button. Rifles requiring a “tool” to remove the magazine are exempt from the ban.

A device known as a “bullet button” allows use of the tip of a bullet or a similar small object to press a button that releases the magazine, making the weapon legal, and it’s only slightly more difficult to swap magazines.

The time difference between swapping a magazine with the bullet-button and the traditional finger-operated magazine release is “three-quarters of a second,” Paredes said.

I would challenge the anti-gunners to come up with a legal framework that would prevent this from happening.  I think they could, but it would look very much like a ban on all semi-automatic firearms.  Or they could try it like New Jersey, and ban all guns first, then work back from there.

Either way, the Second Amendment applies to California now.  So you can bet we’ll be in federal court with that kind of scheme faster than you can say “loophole.”

3 thoughts on “The Media Noticed the Charade and Deemed it a “Loophole””

  1. They were bound to figure it out sooner or later.

    I think they would prefer the issue stayed out of court. It is hard to argue that AR-15’s should be banned when they are by probably the most popular model of rifle in the US (as far as sales go).

  2. It has been somewhat entertaining to observe what is happening here, on a national level and across the nation, regarding the gun control movement and their various loopholes.

    What is happening is that they are ever chasing after loopholes, while the loop itself is dissolving.

    Good for them. They get sillier by the day.

  3. Whether it be bullet buttons in Berkeley, or Twitter in Tehran, ingenuity fueled by liberty will always be one step ahead of those who seek to delete the freedoms that annoy them.

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