California Legal AR-15

Looks like a regular AR-15, except that the law in California states that as long as you need a tool to remove the magazine, it’s not detachable, so you can have all the evil features you want.  A bullet tip counts as a tool.

I just have to wonder how long the politicians in California are going to keep up this charade.

3 thoughts on “California Legal AR-15”

  1. I cannot for the life of me understand how an issue settled in 1791 can be endlessly debated as if its still undecided…

  2. The Bullet Button has been around for years, proving that those of us behind enemy lines in California will not surrender to an ignorant mass of bleating sheep! We support the 2nd Amendment, even when surrounded by hostility and – disappointingly – derided, ignored, and actually targeted by allegedly 2A groups outside our State.

    Notable exceptions include great patriots like Mark LaRue and Ronnie Barrett, who continue supporting us. If you don’t believe how many cowards leave us to rot, take a look at Gunbroker, and see how many CALIFORNIA LEGAL products say “No sales to California.” For them, I offer a bumper sticker: “I fight for the 2nd Amendment, as long as they don’t make me do too much paperwork.”

    For more on bullet buttons, and those of us who fight for right even when it seems hopeless, visit us at!

  3. It will continue to be debated because of the infanous comma. As far as the gun owners of California, God Bless Them. They are fighting the good fight the right way. They are, however trying to effectively piss uphill against people who don’t understand and refuse to try to understand. The same people that want to be in charge because they are “smarter”, .. right. To all of the gun owners in California you have my sympathy, my thoughts are with you, but there are so many nicer places that don’t want to disarm you.

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