Hey Fuddies, Listen Up!

Dear Hunters,

I know some of you seem to think it’s OK to leave us evil black rifle types to the wolves, because, after all, they are never going to come after your grand daddie’s shotgun. Well, you need to wake up and pay attention to what’s happening in California:

In CRPA’s opinion, the Departments current regulatory proposal to further define what constitutes the “capacity to accept” a detachable magazine is nothing more than a covert attempt to ban as “assault weapons” most centerfire semiautomatic receivers and rifles in California. Accordingly, CRPA is in strong opposition to the proposed new regulations.

Who would have guessed? The anti-gun groups and politicians aren’t interested in just stopping at “assault weapons”. They’ll push laws and play with definitions until they get what they want; that’s right, your deer rifle. Because it’s not about reasonable gun laws. They’ve never wanted that. They hate guns and won’t stop until you can’t have one. So next time we tell you to fight with us, we really hope you listen. It might already be too late for you in California.


Evil Black Rifle Lovers

3 thoughts on “Hey Fuddies, Listen Up!”

  1. This letter could also be co-signed by the Handgun Lovers since we’re also often thrown in the same category of things to be banned first.

  2. It only took the ban in 1994 to wake me up. I have seen what thye want and it is not pretty. I guess it will more for others, hopfully we won’t end up like Australia.

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