Let the Gloating Begin

Bryan Miller’s press release on the One-Gun-a-Month Victory in Trenton.  I’m sure he’d like to have put that on CeaseFireNJ’s old domain, but it was taken over by pro-gun forces when he allowed the domain to expire.

“It came down to the Senate understanding its duty to mediate between the personal privilege of a tiny minority of NJ handgun extremists and the common good – public safety. Happily, it decided for the latter,” said Jardim. “We anticipate the Governor will sign this critical bill post haste.”

There’s that phrase again.  I guess Jardim has been getting rhetoric lessons from Miller.  I thought the Supreme Court was pretty clear it was an indivudal right, rather than a “personal privledge.”

You win this round, for now.

3 thoughts on “Let the Gloating Begin”

  1. So, instead of not being able to buy any firearms now you will not be able to buy more than one. Huh?

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