On 301 Redirects

We are nearly ready to switch to our new brand. This is a difficult thing for me, because in order to do the transition, I essentially have to put a bullet into snowflakesinhell.com, which I’ve spent the better part of 5 years building up, and never look back.

Not that the domain will stop working. I’ll configure my web server to send out a 301 redirect to the new domain name, which will make it completely transparent to end users, and Google will figure it all out and move the domain internally too. But I will take some hit in page rank, from what I’m seeing. Something like 5 to 10 percent, which may or may not even be noticeable.

The real nail biter is that once I do it, it’ll cost me even more to go back. No finding out something didn’t work as well, and just switch everything back to the way it was. Once we move into SIH 2.0, soon to have a different name and domain, that’ll be it. No turning back.

Of course, I could get cold feet and back out. But I’ve put two weeks of work into experimenting with new looks and new feels, have gone through three different themes, and had woes signing up with the standard advertising outfits. We are going to proceed forward. Very soon. After I’ve had enough to drink :)

8 thoughts on “On 301 Redirects”

  1. You could always park the current domain on the new domain for a transition period.

  2. Looks good, good luck with the rebranding.

    I like how the “social media” buttons don’t automatically pop up a menu when you mouse over them–good call.

    The only critique I have is that with the textured background you’re now using the text is a bit harder to read with these old eyes. A one or two point increase in font size would probably help a lot.

  3. Did you really mean “pagbunblog.com”.


    Looks good at a quick glance on my phone. Will try to check it out further.

  4. The text is too difficult to read with the textured background. The background is too bright for comfortable reading of posts and comments.

    Uggh. I come here for the content not the effects.

    (Maybe now is a good time to start using a browser like eLinks)

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