Get Angry, and Get Even

So one-gun-a-month passed, and will no doubt be signed into law by Governor Corzine with fanfare.  New Jersey gun owners, by now, are used to their politicians crapping on them.  But this one was different.  It was different because we held this bill off in the Senate for months, embarrassed and enraged Bryan Miller several times, through a bipartisan coalition of Senators that prevented the bill from having enough votes to pass.

That changed last night.  Governor Corzine put everything he had on the line to break that coalition, and he convinced Fred “One-Gun-A-Month” Madden to abandon gun owners, and abandon his oath to uphold The Constitution.  Madden must be made to feel some heat over this vote.  He will be up for re-election in 2011.

But Corzine is an entirely different weasel.  Madden might have snatched the carrot, but Corzine is the man who dangled it in front of him.  As everyone knows, Corzine is up this November.  So this leaves New Jersey gun owners will some objectives:

  1. You need to get rid of Corzine.  I don’t care how much you think Chris Christie is imperfect on gun rights (and he is).  You must show you can punish Corzine for using gun owners as a political punching bag.  If the SS Corzine sinks in the Atlantic, the rats who jumped on board his ship will have a tougher time politically.
  2. Speaking of rats, Fred Madden needs to lose his seat.  If you live in his district, volunteer for his opponents campaign.  If you live near his district, volunteer for his opponents campaign.  If you live too far from his district to volunteer, send money.  Again, it doesn’t really matter how pro-gun his opponent is, as long as his opponent isn’t a wildly mad gun hater, the goal needs to be to show the gun vote can hurt Madden.

If gun owners in New Jersey can do those two things, they might be able to promote some fear of the gun vote in Trenton.  Corzine has essentially convinced them that they have nothing to fear from gun owners in New Jersey.  True, there are only about a million gun owners in The Garden State, but if you could just get half of those gun owners to vote like gun owners, get involved, and get active, those in Trenton would fear you.  NRA and ANJRPC’s job is now done.  They’ve done all they can do.  The rest is up to New Jersey gun owners.

2 thoughts on “Get Angry, and Get Even”

  1. I have 4 friends, work associates actually, who have all moved to PA specifically because of the friendly motorcycle helmet and gun laws, I fear if I have 4 people I can name, others can too! Therefore less people left in Jersey to gather gun right steam each year!

    Anyone else know some folks that jumped ship for gun freedom?

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