We Knew It Would Happen

They are already using the shooting at the Holocaust Museum as a political tool to try to beat down the amendment on the D.C. Voting Rights bill:

“Congress needs no more evidence than today’s tragedy, which occurred blocks from the White House, for the justification of the District’s strict gun laws, which protect the President, Members of Congress, D.C, residents, and millions of tourists who travel to Washington, DC each year to visit monuments and other sites like the Holocaust Museum,” said D.C. Councilman Phil Mendelson in a statement.

The gunman in the Holocaust Memorial shooting was a prohibited person.  It was illegal for him to possess a firearm anywhere.  Gun control laws don’t protect anybody, and if this is a case for anything, it’s the ineffectiveness of D.C.’s existing laws.

3 thoughts on “We Knew It Would Happen”

  1. Nah! this a a NPS site. So if gun carry is allowed in NPS this type of shooting will happen. That is what the Brady Bunch will say.

  2. He just had an antique Winchester. Seems more like murder/suicide?

    Would he have been more successful if he had been armed with a semi-auto rifle? (or $2500 cash needed to buy an ar15.)

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