Good Deeds!

When it comes to sticking it to the Democrat establishment, all I can say is, savor the victory.  Creigh Deeds takes the election with 49.73 percent of the vote, which is pretty much a bare majority in a three way race.  Moreover, it’s definitely a slap in the face to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, including Ed Rendell and Mayor Bloomberg, who put so much on the line only to come out with an empty bag.  I have to love that.  Yes, for that, they deserve the icon:

Robb's Sad Panda

Your anti-gun shill went down in flames Mike.  So why don’t you go slink back to New York and mind your own business.  Countertop raises the $6,000,000 question:

Big question between now and then, of course, is will the NRA endorse Deeds over McDonnel again?  Will they stay out of it?  Or will they do the dumb thing and hold a statement made during a debate at Virginia Tech that’s basically meaningless against Deeds and support the Pat Roberston’s lapdog Bob McDonnel?

I think they should stay out of the race, and let the candidates records on guns speak for themselves.  Any way the Virginia gun owners go, they win, and you have to like that.

5 thoughts on “Good Deeds!”

  1. Its also worth noting – by this time next year we will be able to carry concealed in bars. It easily passed only to be vetoed by that bigot Tim Kaine.

    But Virginia voters now have the luxury and being able to simply not worry about our 2nd Amendment rights in this years gubernatorial election. Its tough to say which candidate is actually better than the other on gun rights.

    Which means, for once in a long time, we can actually focus on issues like transportation, and taxes, and education, and whether Pat Robertson will be allowed to monitor who and in what positions we choose to fornicate.

  2. “With whom we choose.”
    “Fornicate” damn well better be an intransitive verb.
    Or else [some of us] are doing it wrong.

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