7 thoughts on “Virginia Primary”

  1. I look forward to splitting my ticket between Deeds and Cuccinelli in November.

    Big question between now and then, of course, is will the NRA endorse Deeds over McDonnel again? Will they stay out of it? Or will they do the dumb thing and hold a statement made during a debate at Virginia Tech that’s basically meaningless against Deeds and support the Pat Roberston’s lapdog Bob McDonnel?

    1. I think they’ll stay out of it. McDonnell was falling all over himself to try and find pro-gun things to do as AG, so that would naturally increase his grade. (The Bloomberg letter and the like should factor in.) Deeds hasn’t actually turned against them, and they know it. If they get involved, it will probably be a mistake to get behind either one. I would maybe consider an article about how VA gun owners find themselves in a great situation this year as part of an overall “rah, rah” article in the magazine.

      If I were still there, I would enjoy looking at other issues before voting. But I’m all on board with Cuccinelli. :)

  2. Agree Bitter. I’m my other issue is basically who most represents my Get The Hell Out Of My Life ideal.

    Craig Deeds? Or Bob “Whatever Pat Robertson Wants” McDonell.

    I think you know my answer.

  3. I fear the liberal who wants to run my life for own suppposed good than social conservatives who mostly want to live their values without being condemned. Helmet, seat belt laws, gun control as a few issuesthe libeals want to save us from.

    Pat Robertson is constrained by what he can persuade. Obama, Bloomberg want to control our lives. Who is more dangerous? Obam wants ytodestroy capitalism which is based on the primary idea of ptivate property. Bloomberg want us to be permanent children. Enough! I am an adult and will decide on my own risk level and what I will accept and protect.

    Most christians are conservative and do not want exceesive social change. Gay rights is one of those issues that is pushing social change very fast. Many want to slow down that push to change an institution that has been around for over a 1000 years.

    No fault divorce led to fast change in the family and more disfunctional children. The prevalence of bastardy and failure to maintain a single father has not helped the poor.That was a change in social structure from liberation of sex. Has that helped our society? Social conservative seem to more inclined to promote strong familes. Is that wrong?

    So are social conservatives as dangerous as liberals? IMHO the answer is no.

  4. RAH

    This has nothing to do with gay marriage and everything to do with Pat robertson’s singular control over the Republican Party of Virginia (at least at the Gubernatorial level).

    What are some bad things that happen when Pat Robertson and his Christian minions get too much power???

    *Discrimination based on religion/political view – look at what has happened at Liberty University
    *Erosion of private property rights – church interests have higher precedence over individual interests
    *Opposition to hunting (he is primarily responsible for the continued ban on Sunday hunting in Virginia – because he fears losing people at the Pews on Sunday).
    *Speech Codes – can’t swear, or speak the lords name in vain
    *Outlawing sodomy – both gay and straight.
    *War on drugs and bizarre alcohol rules

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