Virginia Primary Tomorrow

I’m pulling for Creigh Deeds to come out as the Democratic candidate.  Virginia Shooting Sports Association has a very nice guide to the Dem primary (Part 1 and Part 2).  He’s the best candidate in the race for gun owners, I think.  The Democratic establishment is busy pushing Terry McAuliffe, including my governor.  McAuliffe is even running against guns, which seems to me to be a stupid idea in Virginia.

My understanding is Virginia has open primaries, so if you’re a gun rights supporter, I would encourage you to go vote in the Democratic primary for Creigh Deeds tomorrow.  Virginia deserves better than another Tim Kaine, and I don’t think we’d go wrong with Deeds.

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  1. Deeds is more anti gun than the other Democratic candidates. Kill Dddeds is my best stratgic thinking. McAuliff is too national democratic to go over in Va. The Gop candidate is very popular and pro gun.

  2. RAH, have you looked at his voting record? How is Deeds the most anti-gun candidate? He’s been an unbelievably reliable vote historically. His rhetoric has gone a bit off base in this campaign, but nothing unexpected given his competition in the primary. You better believe he’s going to want to keep the NRA endorsement against McDonnell, so I think you’ll see that change quickly.

    I would much rather have the choice of Deeds & McDonnell and be happy with either winner than have someone like Moran or McAuliffe win.

  3. I gladly voted for Deeds when he ran for AG last time and will do it again this time. RAH, your smoking crack if you believe in 1/2 of 1% of what you said

    First, Deeds light years better than either Brian Moran (ie: Jim “.50 Caliber” Moran’s brother) and Terry “Can I Rent You The Lincoln Bedroom” McCauliff

    As for electability, nothings guaranteed in Virginia elctoral politics. But I’d hardly say Bob McDonald is very popular. He’s mostly unknown. Yes, he’s a good guy on guns, but so is most everyone – except Deed’s two opponents – but McDonald is another in a long line of Pat Robertson Disciples who most assuredly WILL NOT adhere to my GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE litmus test (which, incidentally, is what is going to risk sending his campaign the way of Jerry Kilgore and Mark “Can I Offended Anyone Else?” Early who gave rise to Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, respectively)

  4. Tell me how Deeds is better and I will listen and retract my “crack addled” statement per countertop. Why is deeds good on guns? All I have heard is in the ad wars.

    1. This is only what I remember off the top of my head and specifics from 2009 according to VSSA’s legislative tracking guide.

      What I recall off the top of my head: NRA-endorsed for Senate in at least 2003 and 2007 with an A rating. He also earned the NRA endorsement for Attorney General in 2005 over Bob McDonnell who, at the time, had a less than stellar record with a B+. Deeds has also been the Democratic Senate Co-Chair of the Sportsmen’s Caucus since it was formed in 2004. Their support and his vote helped pass a program to bring more youth into the gun culture through an apprentice hunting program in 2008.

      From 2009 alone based on the VSSA site:
      *Voted for allowing retired law enforcement officers who can carry under federal law to carry concealed in restaurants that serve alcohol
      *Voted to override the Democratic Governor’s veto of the bill
      *Voted for carrying in restaurants by non-LEO patrons
      *Voted to override the Democratic Governor’s veto of the bill
      *Voted to make taking a concealed carry class easier by taking it online
      *Voted to override the Democratic Governor’s veto of the bill
      *Voted to change the crime for possession of a silencer not registered with the feds down from a Class 6 felony
      *Voted to allow disabled cops who can’t return to work to buy their service gun for $1
      *Voted to force local governments to pay attorney fees, expenses, & court costs to anyone who beats them in court over a preemption of gun laws violation
      *Voted to close public access to concealed carry records

      I’d say that’s not a shabby record at all. I’m sure with enough time I could dig up more. But you’d be hard pressed to make the argument that with that kind of record that he’s worse than Brian Moran or Terry McAullife.

  5. More accurately, Virginia, like over half the states in the union, is not a party registration state. You’re either a registered voter or you’re not; there is no such thing as a registered Republican or Democrat. Without official party rolls, it’s the only kind of election you can have.

  6. Thanks Bitter that does make Deeds the better candidate for pro gun folks. I agee that GOP ought to vote in the Dems primary. As long as open primaries exist lets vote as Democrats in the primary. I did that years ago.

    1. Yeah, I’ve done it more than a few times, too. In fact, the Dems always believed I was a Democrat in that state because I was always pulling their ballot in the primary elections.

      Given just how pro-gun Deeds has been in the past, it’s really surprising to hear that someone is running on the argument that he’s anti-gun. In fact, in this morning’s NYT, Moran who has tried to rapidly improve his NRA grade once he decided to run for Governor tried to turn the previous endorsements of Deeds against him. Really, in this race, it’s a comedy of positioning from Moran & McAuliffe. Deeds has disappointed with talk of a compromise on the gun show loophole, but considering it was at a debate at Virginia Tech where they were trying to get him out of the race, I’m not going to take it too seriously.

      Given the uncertainty of the political mood in Virginia, I’d much rather have the choice of Deeds & McDonnell and being happy with either result on this issue as opposed to worrying that an anti-gunner is going to win.

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