Jersey Gun Sales Up

You know when the political and economic climate are bad enough for people in New Jersey to start the process of trying to buy more guns, things aren’t good.  But they are definitely buying, and it looks like another South Jersey shop is out of ammo.  (Although they only mention being out of .380 & .32, perhaps they have some other calibers in stock.  It might be worth checking out.)

2 thoughts on “Jersey Gun Sales Up”

  1. This is one of the more popular indoor ranges in South NJ. The store has been in the same location for a very long time. I am sure they have target ammo in every caliber but expect to pay range prices for it.

    On a side note: I have walked in twice to Bob’s to use their range and it was packed. Once on a Monday night and again on a Wednesday. I also went because I wanted to use my remaining pistol permit before it expires. See here in NJ you need a permit to BUY a pistol. This permit is only good for 90 days.

    No one at Bob’s would help me or even say hello. Perhaps this is because I look like a younger person or perhaps they are just that busy selling guns but to me that is just bad customer service.

  2. In my part of New Jersey, the only places left near me that sell guns and ammunition are two stores from the “Dick’s Sporting Goods” chain. There once was a small and independently-owned gun shop not far from me, a shop which carried handguns unlike the “Dick’s” stores, but it closed down about three years ago. (I think it was because the owner decided it was time to retire and move to a more gun-friendly and less-taxing state, such as Florida.)

    Anyway, the last time I was at one of the “Dick’s” stores near me in New Jersey was less than two weeks ago. I took a look to see what kinds of ammunition was still in stock there.

    Just as I expected, there was not much available in the form of handgun ammunition at this store, but there was an ample amount of rifle ammunition of the .223 Remington and 7.62 x 39 mm variety on the shelves. I found this to be peculiar at first, but then I realized that the likely reason for this is that New Jersey’s 20-year-old “assault weapon” ban makes it unlikely that anyone who regularly patronizes this store even owns any firearms which would take either one of these cartridges.

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