5 thoughts on “Rimfire Ammo, Part II”

  1. I usually shoot Rem golden bullet 525 pak. I can hit clay pigeons on the dirt bank @ 100 yds pretty much at will. I don’t have too many FTF’s and the only time my 10/22 mis-feeds is if I really heat it up.
    The more people hate this stuff the better for me I guess.

  2. The 10/22 seems to eat those reliably. Big problem with Remington Golden Bullet is that it tends not to fire. They don’t get it very consistently primed in the rim.

  3. My favorite 22LR ammo is the Western branded Winchester bulk packs I pick up at my local Farm&Fleet. The price difference between the Western and the Federal bulk packs that Walmart sells is negligible and the ammo is much more consistent. Luckily all of my guns seem to love it as well.

  4. Oh I forgot to mention – I like the stuff so I stock up when I see it on the shelves. Like Mr. Completely I thought that humidity might affect the shelf life so I use one of these and vacuum pack a couple boxes in a gallon bag along with a desiccant pack.

  5. I’ve shot just about everything. Favorites: CCI Mini-Mags for reliability, CCI Standard Velocity for pistol accuracy, but when it comes to .22 ammo, it really depends on the gun. Son & Heir’s Marlin Mod 81T shoots Federal Gold Medal best, but my Marlin 880SQ rifle absolutely loves cheap-ass Remington Yellow Jacket Hyper-Vel… go figure.

    I think that as ammos goes, the Remington Gold 525-pack makes excellent ballast for yer boat.

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