Bitter Headed Home

Bitter had to take a day off work to deal with all the insurance mess from the accident.  Fortunately, it seems that everything has worked out OK.   The at fault insurance company seems to be picking up the whole tab, as they should.  She dropped off her car at a local body shop, and got herself a rental car, and is now on her way back to Virginia.

In the mail today, I got our new carry ammo.  It’s been six months (you replace you carry ammo every six months, right?) since I got Bitter her first box of carry ammo that doesn’t suck, so I got us both new boxes of Corbon DPX 9mm.  Prior to dating me, Bitter used whatever carry ammo someone gave her, which used to be Silver Bear 115gr HP.

I’m a big believer on not skimping on defense loads.  Your life is worth something you know is going to work, and Corbon has a fantastic reputation for making a quality produc.  DPX in particular does well in tests that involve firing through barriers.  It’s expensive, but I think it’s hard to beat as a carry load.