Friends You Can Meet at the NRA Convention

US Citizen of Traction Control, who is a super nice guy for those of you who’ve never met him in real life, goes up to this guy at the NRA Banquet reception, who turns out is an NRA board member, and just starts talking to him.  It was Jim Gilmore, former Governor of Virginia.  Before you know it, they were golfing buddies.

7 Responses to “Friends You Can Meet at the NRA Convention”

  1. Sean Sorrentino says:

    the first link appears to be broken due to a misspelling

    should be

  2. Carl in Chicago says:

    How cool is that?!

    Excellent. Good on you, US Citizen. We need more like you, and more former Governors like Gilmore.

  3. thirdpower says:

    Don’t you mean we need more current governors like former governor Gilmore?

  4. USCitizen says:

    Note to Self: Golf in Arizona is HOT! Sunday was an AZ record 105F.

  5. USCitizen says:

    Don’t you mean, “… for those of you who’ve ever met him in real life, “?

  6. Sebastian says:

    I didn’t put too much thought into how I said it. But anyone who’s ever met you in real life certainly knows you’re a pretty friendly guy. I’m too much of a social misfit to score a golf date with a Governor, or even former Governor. I’m relatively amazed at people who can do that kind of thing.

  7. DirtCrashr says:

    Don’t sell yourself short, Sebastian, you’re outgoing too around gun-people – in a case like that you may not have talked-golf is all.